Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day …

It may be cold, wet and miserable outside, but that gives all the more reason for us to share some warmth and love … and since the word love can be interpreted in so many different ways, we had our son show his love and appreciation this morning, to all the lovely ladies who kindly look after him at Nursery.

On Wednesday we spent some time at home, baking Gingerbread men, except we managed to keep back half of the mixture to cut out little Love Heart Biscuits, that I then packaged up into these gorgeous Sweetheart Treat Bags. You should have seen the look on the girls faces, as he walked around Nursery this morning, handing one each to the girls before giving them each a kiss. 

A small token of appreciation can go a long way …

…. and then there's my wonderful husband. This year I wanted to surprise him by making a card that didn't involve the ever so lovely Owl Punch that, with my love of owls, I adore and favour year after year … instead I made use of my new Hardwood Stamp. We both love natural materials, so wood it had to be. I am thrilled with the way this card worked out and he was suitably surprised not to see an owl popping out somewhere.

Having just been away on business for a few days, Hubby has taken the day off work, in order to spend the day with me. Be it usually a work day for me too, I'm catching up on a few things this morning, whilst he is fitting our new family toilet seat, in preparation for toilet training our son …. and they say romance is dead. We do have a table booked for lunch out at a superb restaurant that he took me to for our last Anniversary so it's not all work and household chores.

Here's hoping someone surprises you today and shares their love and appreciation for all that you do … and from me … I send you my love and thanks for following me and sharing our love for everything crafty.

Happy Valentines Day …. 

Mikaela x

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