Thursday, January 16, 2014

Monster Hugs

We have just enjoyed a five day break away in Somerset and celebrated our son's 3rd Birthday whilst away. Despite not having a party this year for him, we still decided to theme his cards, cake plates etc and as my last post shows, it was all about Monsters and it seems that I've returned home to yet more of the little creatures!

Children love to give and receive cards and our son is well known for giving out Valentines Cards to all of his little friends ... he's also known for giving wonderful cuddles, so what better two things to combine … than quite literally these little Monster Hugs!

These adorable little characters come as a pack of 18 for just £5.50 and can be bought as Monster Boy Hugs (blue) or Monster Girl Hugs (coral pink). They come in kit form, complete with googly eyes and self adhesive hearts for you to assemble yourself. You don't need to have crafted before, as these are so easy to assemble, with the arms interlocking at the wrists, to hold your chosen sweet. What a gorgeous idea for giving friends and class mates a simple loving friendship hug …. What monster treat will you give with your hug?

These Monster Hugs are available for a limited time until 27 January, so be sure to get your order in quickly.

Now go and give someone you appreciate, a monster hug!!

Mikaela x

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