Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Monster Birthday Party

It feels so funny to be blogging after what seems like such a long spell of not doing so. I hope you're all well. 

You may have read a past post stating that I historically slow the pace in January, taking time out to be with my family, this is mainly due to the bonkers period that is the festive  build up, followed by Christmas itself and then our son's Birthday that falls just into the New Year.

Sadly, ill health on the run up to Christmas, prevented me from getting ahead for his Birthday and it actually wasn't until early January, that we decided for sure to even have a party for him …. so I had to pull out last minute resources that I had and get a wiggle on making, before the return to school if we were to have anyone attend.

I know … I hear you … "Mikaela? Using retired stock"? Well … 

… remember these cheeky chaps? … It wasn't that long ago that they were being sold off in the Clearance Rack. Sensibly so, I purchased a whole bundle of them. I knew having a little boy, they would come in handy one day and I wasn't wrong.

Once our son saw them, his theme was set …. "a Monster Party mummy" …. 

Fantastic, I thought … until the nights that followed had him sleeping, holding his torch, still on … checking out for possible monsters … Bless him!

Thankfully, things calmed down, the fear at night went away and through the powers of a Facebook event, the party preparations started coming together.

Its the norm to take treats into school for your fellow class mates, on the day of your Birthday and being back to school, just the day before, I made up these little Postcards, with the Monster hugging a sweet treat and a reminder of the party date/venue on the back. 

Then came the decision of what to create for the party bags? … Out came the Gift Bag Punch Board, a circle punch and the coordinating coloured cardstock, that I'd already used and Bingo … little gift bags to hold the Monster goodies that were inside.

I was determine to make the Cupcakes this year … and had even made a pre run to test out the recipe and piping skills.

 OK, so my piping wasn't perfect, but the over all appearance and most certainly taste, packed a happy, chocolate punch and was well received. 

I can't deny that I was totally gutted not to have spent the time and energy making the theme that I'd previously got in mind, but when you're up against the clock, sometimes, things just have to give … and actually, I'm quite pleased with how it all came together and at an inexpensive cost. More importantly …. the Birthday Boy was thrilled with his party.

So …. the moral of the story is. Don't over look the hidden treasures that can sometimes be found on the Clearance Rack. Take a look, forward think and you just never know what you may have in your store cupboard that you can fall back on when you're up against the clock.

Click on this image to see what offerings there are currently

Aside from these, I have made a good few things this week for family Birthdays, that have been photographed and will be shared with you soon … but for now, I'm off to tidy a VERY messy craft room, I'm having a crafting evening with some friends this coming Friday, that I'm looking forward to, but the is currently no space for them. 

Hoping you're managing to keep warm.

Mikaela x

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