Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mini Album Tutorial

Yesterday was the Stampin' Creative Blog Hop, where the theme was Summer Lovin' and I produced a mini album made with the Envelope Punch Board.

I have received many requests as to how I made the base for this album, so here I detail, as best I can, a mini tutorial on how to assemble the base for this project. 

First of all you will need an Envelope Punch board to create 4 envelopes. Following the instructions on the EPB, I used card stock cut to size and the instructions for cards of 6" x 6" in size. The sizes and score lines can be found on the front of your Envelope Punch Board for this. This is the size that I made, but you could size up or down using the instructions on the board and following these steps. I originally used Cardstock, but here have chosen to explain using Envelope paper.

Once you have your four Envelopes, you need to take two to start with and with them sat side by side, interlock the adjacent flaps as shown here.

You can either adhere flat the outside flaps and the overlapping points in the middle of each envelope now or return to this later when you are sure you are happy with it's assembly.

Close these first two envelopes together like a book and you will see that you have a loose flap to the back.

Fold this back on itself. Below you are now looking at the front of the left envelope (as if the front of the book), with the outside flap folded from the back forwards. 

This will reveal an opening down the spine, where you need to slot in the next envelope as shown here. 

You will be adhering down the left flap flat within and the bottom flap over the top at the central overlapping point, but again, this can all be done at the end.

Slot in your final envelope in a similar fashion, slotting it into the spine, so that you have a flat front and back and all envelope flaps are internal. You will then need to find these loose internal flaps to adhere down NOTE: the top and bottom flaps of each page should only be adhered together at the centre overlapping point if you want the page to have a pocket.

Cut cardstock to 6 1/4" square to overlay the exposed envelope flaps and deciding if you want to keep the side open to create a pocket, apply adhesive sticky strip to three for four sides and adhere. Keep the outside edge open for storing extra photographs, tickets and suchlike by only applying adhesive to the centre, top and bottom sides. Repeat for each page.

You now need to make the spine binding. 

Cut your chosen cardstock to 6 1/4" x 2 1/2". Scoring down the length of the card stock at 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 1 3/4". Burnish the creases into your book binder and adhere the front and back flaps to the front and back of the album. 

You are now ready to embellish your album as you choose to store your cherished memories.

I hope this makes sense and you enjoy making yours as much as I did mine. If you don't have an Envelope Punch Board, then you could make one simply using large square envelopes as a base for your pages. 

Happy Crafting

Mikaela x

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