Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Team Training Stationery Wallet Tutorial

What a wonderful Easter Weekend we've just enjoyed. I've been away Glamping for the second Easter in a row and enjoyed some much needed quality family time with my two boys and boy did we have fun! Back to comfortable basics, with lots of fresh air, good freshly cooked food and chill out time without so much of a TV in sight … bliss!!

Before we went I had posted some photographs of some makes from my recent Training Day with my Downline and received an overwhelming response to the things that we made that day, including this Stationery Wallet that housed 6 notecards and envelopes. 

I apologise for my delayed reply to you all individually, but preparing for our trip away and dealing with the abundance of emails upon our return, somewhat held me up. 

I'm the type of girl who likes to give credit where credit is due and unlike me, I somehow failed to complete that post, with the credit to Amy Kolling, an American Colleague and Demonstrator from Kansas for her Tutorial that I found and adapted. 

HERE you will find her photographic tutorial with measurements, for the wallet above, that I adapted a little and embellished differently … but for those of you who asked for the measurements and instructions on how to make it, I hope this will help.

I appreciate that I have only clipped the surface of the requests that I received, but I will try to answer them individually over the coming few days, so please bare with me, but I hope that this will keep you crafting for a few days to come. 

Thank you all for your wonderfully kind comments, your Pins through Pinterest and your requests … it's good to share and I'm pleased that your requests highlighted my failure to thank Amy for her wonderful tutorial … Thank you Amy. 

Hoping you've all enjoyed a relaxing Easter Weekend.

Mikaela x

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