Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Amazing Birthday Gift Card Enclosure Pack

Have you ever looked at these and considered making a pack of note cards out of them? 

No? … Neither had I, until we made this amazing Birthday Make and Take at Convention.

This little pouch was adjusted to take 4 note cards and envelopes and could still be used for something else afterwards …. In fact, I feel sure it would take a full size bar of Chocolate. 

For those of us who attended Convention, the Amazing Birthday Stamp Set was a set that we received as a Giveaway … How amazing is that?!! It's such a versatile set, with many elements perfect for using in other ways. I love it and I'm certainly not done with using it yet a while.

Do you have a set of cards in mind that you'd slot into this lovely little wallet?

Mikaela x

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