Thursday, July 31, 2014

My new Craft Space

Excitement is brewing as I see on the horizon, me moving into my new Craft Space.

Oh my word, it's going to be truly fantastic!!!

Before starting our family, I had the smallest spare room in the house, but this soon turned into a Nursery and a downscaled my crafting supplies to streamline to only buy Stampin' Up! products. 

I bought myself a storage unit on wheels from Storage4Crafts which arrived just two months before I gave birth and was fantastic. I was chuffed to bits with it. Finally a portable unit, with all of my lovely new things in … but I soon out grew this, spilling over into the spare room and hall cupboard. Taking over the dining room table, hubby decided that we needed a separate bureau for our computer, to free up a desk for me to move onto, enabling us to take back our dining space … but we always knew that this too would be a stop gap … 

For the past few years, hubby and I have been discussing the best option of adding space to the house for me to take over …  well, finally it has arrived …. in the back of a great big articulated lorry!

With a garden the size of a small football pitch, it seemed the most logical space and so we sought after the right sized summerhouse/log cabin. The electrician is in this week, so we are a step closer to me getting in and filling what furniture we have bought. Now THAT will be the fun bit … and I can't wait !!

Hubby has been fantastic these past few weeks, spending hours out there putting together various flat pack pieces of IKEA furniture. Pinterest has been a great source for craft storage ideas and I've a whole host of things pinned to a Craft Room Envy board.

Before the week is out, I'd like to decipher how I shall store my card stock and 12 x 12 Designer Series Papers, along with Ribbons. This is my chance to move things in and get the storage right from the word GO …. I'm like a kid in a toy shop right now.

To add to the excitement, I'm now in possession of the new Seasonal Autumn/Winter Catalogue and will have the opportunity to pre-order from late tonight. Oh my goodness, what more excitement can a girl cope with?? 

There is just so much excitement  and I've been bursting to share it with you. Needless to say, preparing for the All Day event and making copious cups of tea and coffee for the various workmen, has kept me away from the craft desk … but at least I know that the next time I'm at one, it's likely to be a rather plush new one.

I'll keep you posted on advancements as they progress ….

Happy Crafting

Mikaela x

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