Thursday, April 13, 2017

OnStage Live Amsterdam Friendships and Team Gifts

This time last week, I was in Amsterdam at OnStage Live, our annual Stampin' Up! event where hundreds of Demonstrators come together to Inspire each other. 

It's an amazing event and one I love to attend. I've attended a few Live events in Europe now, but not one in Amsterdam before. I was fortunate enough to share this event with five of my Team, who had never experienced a Live event before. 

I always like to give little Team Gifts out to my girls at events like this and Amsterdam was no exception. The first gift was given as we reached the Airport for our departure. A little wallet card with a magnetic closure. 

This cute little Piggy badge attached beautifully to the magnet and when opened, the girls each found inside a few personal words and an OnStage Luggage Label. 

They could either use this tag on their case or the OnStage bag that they would be presented with at Registration. It had their name on the reverse to help them identify their bags. It was only a little something, but a useful something from a practical me. 

Their main gift came once we arrived into Amsterdam and shared our first meal together. 

The girls surprised me by giving ME a beautiful Bracelet. A delicate little heart that sits beautifully with my watch. I absolutely love it and was totally bowled over at receiving it, even if a little embarrassed. 

Well the funny thing was ... I had chosen them each a Windmill Charm for their Recognition Bracelets. They can earn similar charms for gaining promotion, but the Windmill seemed only right and fitting for them to receive as a gift for attending their first ever Onstage LIVE event ... and this was how I packaged them. 

Swaps are something else that we tend to do at events like this to engage with others and obtain an abundance of inspiration from the many different styles out there. I made 60 of these Welcome cards that I exchanged for a fabulous array of swaps. I'll share those with you in another post. 

A LOT about OnStage events, be it Live or Local, is to do with the friendships and people that we meet and share our time with, so to share the experience with 5 of my team made it even more special. Here we are top left of this collage. 

I've created a wealth of friendships over my 5 years as a Demonstrator and love to spend time with these friends. Some I don't get to meet from one event to the next, but chat with often. We all support each other and cheer each other on ... it's wonderful and was great to see them ... Eimear, Gina, Joanne, Louise and Pip.

The smiles and laughter say it all really ...

I was last in Amsterdam as a child when I did a coach trip with my Mum and some friends. I had no recollection of the place from my first visit, so went with fresh eyes this time. 

Amsterdam has some beautiful waterways and some fabulous architecture. Allison, Holly and I took ourselves off for a late afternoon walk to take in the atmosphere. I'm so pleased we did, however brief it was, it was great to see. 

It was so lovely to share quality time with the girls, to really get to know them. We all looked out for each other, shared our aspirations and cheered each other on to achieving them ... it really was a heartwarming time to see how we each grew with confidence as the days passed. 

Here's to the next one now!

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  1. Woohoo I made your blog!! Was going to mention something else but in case you're saving the samples for a future post I will just say very well done and Mic drop!!!!! 😘

  2. Oh bless you Eimear ... you most certainly did make my Blog. Fond memories of a great time shared with great people. Thank you!! Oh yes, pop back on Saturday for more OnStage News. Believe me, it's photo heavy xx