Friday, March 24, 2017

Oh, So Succulent at Kettering Park

Last weekend I held my first ever Overnight Retreat and at what better place than Kettering Park Hotel & Spa. 

Many of my ladies had pestered me for a while for an overnight crafting session and so I set to work planning and organising ... and our Overnight Retreat was born. 

The ladies had access to the Spa from midday on the Friday and could check into their rooms from 2pm. Many had made use of the pool, some even had booked in for Spa Treatments ... it certainly sounded relaxing. 

We all then met up at 6pm to settle into our Craft Room and set to our first project.

I wanted a fairly relaxed project for the first night. Nothing too precise and certainly no measuring and cutting. 

This Succulent display was what I decided upon. It was lovely to see the various dishes adorning the tables the next day, so they acted as table decorations, which was wonderful. 

Made purely from cardstock, these Succulent flowers are so easy to create and look so very real. 

Once our project was completed, we headed off to our Private Dining Room to enjoy a delicious three course meal and a good few giggles with each other.

The night ended with some special treats and a good night's sleep. 

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  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun Mikaela and I adore the bowl of succulents...gorgeous x

    1. Oh we did thank you ... and thank you, we had a lot of fun making that project ... a few grumbles and then lots of love for it as it came together. I love that set x

  2. All looks wonderful. My first attempt at a weekend retreat fell through :-( Not given up though. With my friend (who always does food for my all day classes) we are doing a Craft Extravaganza - held at her house Fri Eve/ Sat . She has offered to put people up, doing all the catering. Should be fun. Did it take your ladies long to do the Fri eve project. I'd thought of it as part of my Sat but might need to change it. Glad it all went well. I'm just celebrating 5 years with SU. X

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply Anne. I hope your Craft Extravaganza goes well, if you're still to run it. I thoroughly enjoyed hosting it. I had pre cut the flowers for the Friday night project, enough for three flowers. The ladies then had extra card if the wanted to add little flowers to theirs also. It took them 90 mins and most completed it in that time. A couple just had to go back and glue the flowers to the stones, but that was all. Good luck and enjoy x