Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Thank you to Bella and Friends

Recently when I arrived home from the school run, I saw a gorgeous little fluffy dog taking himself for a walk. He appeared so happy with himself and very sure of where he was going. A few of us villagers set to ensuring he was returned to his rightful owner before I arrived home to set to work in the craft room ... and what Stamp set did I then turn to ... but Bella and Friends. It only seemed appropriate. 

This is just the most gorgeous Stamp Set to use. He's just so cute!

Isn't he just adorable?! Need I say any more, as I just know that you're still staring and cooing over him with puppy dog eyes. 

I so enjoyed colouring in his coat with the Aqua Painters and a variety of brown inks. I mean, did I want him to have a white chest, a patch on his paw, a brown nose or what? ... 

What colour coat would you have given him, or do you think the colour I've chosen is right?

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