Monday, September 22, 2014

Spiral Flower meets Build a Bird Wedding

A few weeks back a friend commissioned me to make a special card for a work colleagues Wedding that she was attending at the weekend.

I was asked to make some 3D Flowers and something that had the WOW factor. Clearly everyone's WOW is different and I felt the pressure was on to produce something special. Well I hope I achieved that for her.

I'd seen some deep, highly embellished envelopes on Pinterest, a while ago that I'd remembered and thought I'd try to recreate.

The little chalk board speech bubble on the belly band, says "Mr & Mrs" and the flowers made with the Spiral Flower Die.

I was surprised how few Stamp Sets I owned to create a Wedding Card, so I turned to Punches and embossing folders instead. Sadly the Embossing folders used have both been retired.

I decided to continue the Chalk Board theme through onto the card itself and create a card around two love birds. 

The envelope was highly embellished to make the card appear more of a gift, since there was going to be a voucher/money included. It's also a suitable size, that the wedded couple could store their Marriage Certificate in there afterwards if they so wished.

A one off card and something a little different for me, but most enjoyable.

I'm pleased that the weather stayed dry for them.

Mikaela x


  1. awww thank you Sharon. I'm awaiting feedback from my friend who this was made for, but then I guess we won't hear until after the Honeymoon xx