Monday, June 9, 2014

Baby, we've grown

Finally, after a difficult pregnancy, our dear friend Genna has delivered a beautiful bouncing boy. Knowing that there was a possible chance Aston could come early, I've had his card made for weeks.

He's a very special little boy, having survived a very stressful and painful HG pregnancy, the type where the mother is sick throughout the entire pregnancy. He is a lucky little boy to have an extremely strong and caring family and our love and best wishes go out to Phil, Genna and big sister Jasmine and it is our honour to be chosen as Godparents. 

This was the card I had ready … I think the Language of Love stamp set couples beautifully with Baby, we've grown … I mean, a baby IS the language of love. See the subtle use of the cross stitch embossing beneath the tag? This was created using the Needlepoint Boarder Embossing folders. Sadly these much favoured folders of mine, are being retired. 

Do check out the Retirement List to see if they are still available. There's a lot on the list, some with great reductions, so be sure to check it out, while stocks last.

Don't you just love this gorgeous stamp set?

Mikaela x


  1. I love your project... is soft and lovely.

    Sorry for my english... did you sponge the bunny?


  2. Hi Anne,

    Many thanks for your kind words.

    Yes, If you stamp the bunny, then create a mask of the bunny using a Post-it-note and sponge over the top to add the gentle background colour.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for stopping by and passing comment.

    Mikaela x