Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray to a Featherdown Easter Weekend

Good Friday bought about hubby's Birthday and what better way to celebrate than go back to basics … remove all ability to plug a kettle in, a mobile phone and turn on a television, by doing a spot of Glamping!

Yes, after sitting in the usual Bank Holiday traffic that the M25 had to offer, we took ourselves off to a Featherdown Farm in Hampshire, where we turned the clock back, slowed the pace and enjoyed some quality family time together. 

All cooking, lighting, heating and washing was fuelled by logs and Candles. With a cup of tea taking well over 30 minutes to prepare, you have no choice but to give in to a slower pace. Fresh air and cold nights had us all in bed early, catching up on some much needed sleep, from the busy weeks that had preceded … but not before we'd enjoyed a long soak in the Hot Tub.

Morning broke to the sound of Birdsong and mooing cows, as fresh eggs were laid by the roaming hens and we enjoyed local produce sold from the Honesty Shop on site. It's amazing what you can cook on a little stove and BBQ when you put your mind to it.

Generally speaking we were blessed with an Easter Weekend full of sunshine, except for Easter Sunday that is, when we stayed in doors and play games and read papers. Bertie and I took to the dining table for a spot of crafting. We made Easter Bunting to hang in our tent and I put the new Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit to the test, whilst he had a lunchtime sleep. 

This kit is just perfect to take away on holiday and I proved it could be completed whilst away camping. Just a pair of scissors, a few sheets of Post it notes and a couple of wet wipes and you're set. 

Easter Monday blessed us again with gorgeous sunshine and a trip out Lambing to some neighbouring fields. Holding lambs that were just a day old and driving amongst over 140+ sheep, was a real experience. I think unless you've first hand knowledge of what a farmer has to encounter in their days work, you'd have your eyes opened to all that is involved.

Our last night was shared with another family around a roaring camp fire, eating toasted marshmallows before our final night under canvas to the sound of constant rain.

All in all … a truly fantastic weekend and one I feel sure we will repeat!

A huge thank you to Anna and Will for their hospitality at Manor Farm, Alton, Hampshire and to my wonderful hubby for keeping the fires burning. 

A day full of washing and ironing is set for me tomorrow before getting back to the craft desk with a clearer head come Thursday. 

Hoping you've all enjoyed a fantastic Easter Weekend.

Mikaela x

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